About Us

My Story

It all started with the first textbook sale during college. I didn't know what to do with all my textbooks at the end of the semester, so on a whim I posted them on Amazon without expecting anything. But to my surprise, one by one they got sold! I was intrigued at the fact that there were people willing to buy my items, which got me thinking if I could do this for a living. For a while, I continued to sell used textbooks online, but I realized that the college textbook market is so fragile because textbooks get updated every few years. So I decided to get into selling sporting goods instead.

Why Sell Sporting Goods?

Simply put, I love sports. As an avid sports fan, I enjoy watching sports, reading sports news, and following updates on professional players and what kind of gear they use during games. Combine that with my affinity for selling, MBA Team Sports was birthed. To be honest, starting up a retail business wasn’t easy, especially for a guy who majored in Physics. But by the grace of God and His providence, through meeting good people and good opportunities, I was able to grow this business and be where I am today. I am very thankful that I get to truly enjoy my “work.” Through the ups and downs, wins and losses that I’ve experienced, I hope to continually learn and grow to help my customers share the same passion for sports as I do.

Is there more to than just making profit?

Don’t get me wrong, making money is important; we all have mouths to feed. But playing sports has improved the quality of my life in a way money never could. It has helped me release stress, loosen tense muscles, and get fit. After each purchase, I hope to see our customers feel more confident and happy in the sports they are involved with, so that they can continue cultivating healthy lifestyles and inspire those around them. 

What is MBA Team Sports' Vision Statement? 

Accessibility and affordability. We strive to give our customers access to purchasing the best sporting goods at affordable prices.

Any fun fact?

MBA stands for Maple, Birch, and Ash, which are the main wood components in making baseball bats in Major League Baseball. Also, baseball is my favorite sport! Go Dodgers!!!